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    SICHUAN FULIN INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD. Founded in December 1995, Fulin Group has a total asset of 17 billion yuan, currently with over 6,000 employees, 52 wholly-owned and partly-controlled subsidiaries, national high and new technology enterprises and one listed companies ( FULIN P.M.).

    Fulin Group is one of Sichuan Province Key Cultivating Enterprises and Groups. It ranks at 72 in 2018 Sichuan Province Key Cultivating Enterprises and Groups, at 37 in 2016 Sichuan Manufacturing Industry Top 100 Enterprises, and at 11 in 2016 Chengdu Top 100 Private Enterprises. In 2016, Fulin Group and Fulin P.M. both ranked in Sichuan Province Outstanding Private Enterprises. Fulin Group achieved a total revenue of 10.3 billion yuan in 2016, with a year-on-year growth of 11%.

    Since its foundation, Fulin Group marks an annual revenue increase at more than 40%, with annual tax-paid over 50%. With a philosophy of people-oriented, honest and dedicated, and a principle that is to be committed to industrial development and benefiting the society, Fulin Group insists to promote strategic transformation and management revolution, realizing a sustainable, healthy and fast development for the Group.

    In the future, Fulin Group will focus on its two pillar industries, which are automobile, including automotive manufacturing which includes new energy cars as well as the RD and production of auto parts, and modern service. Besides, the Group will also properly engage in real estate, and seek opportunities in energy, finance and other fields.

    In addition to enterprise development, Fulin Group is also committed to taking enterprise social responsibility, so the Group has built up good reputation and received social respect. The Group has restructured and merged more than 20 national and collectively-owned bankrupted enterprises, and arranged jobs for more than 10,000 laid-off employees. It also offers nearly 15,000 jobs in long term.

    According to incomplete statistics, since its foundation, Fulin Group has donated and invested more than 230 million yuan for public health, the disabled programs, new rural construction, earthquake relief, sports programs, culture programs, the Hope projects, caring empty nesters program, helping left-behind children program and other social public welfare programs.

    Fulin Group has been granted many honor titles, including National Outstanding Primary-level CPC Organization, National First Non-public Enterprises and Social Organizations Top 100 CPC Organization, National Outstanding Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security, National Labour Day Award, and Outstanding Enterprise in Earthquake Relief. An Zhifu, founder and chairman of the board has successively been the chairman of Mianyang Industry and Commence Federation, standing committee member of the Sichuan Political Consultative Conference, standing committee member of National Industry and Commence Federation. He has been awarded several national, provincial and city-level prizes and honor titles, such as Outstanding Constructor for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and National Labor Day Award.

    In order to realize the development of high quality in the process of steady progress, building a solid foundation for a sustainable enterprise and a century of prosperity.


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