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    MIANYANG FULIN PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. The former of Fulin P.M. is Mianyang Fulin Precision Machinery Corporation Limited, which was founded in November 1997 and transformed to Mianyang Fulin Precision Machinery Corporation Limited by Shares in April 2010. Fulin P.M. is a high and new technology enterprise, specializing in the research and development, production as well as selling of automotive engine precision parts. The company occupies an area of around 100,000 square meters, with the construction area of 70,000 square meters and more than 1600 units of production and testing facilities. The company was listed on Shenzheng Stock Exchange Growth Enterprises Market (stock code 300432) in March 2015.

    Fulin P.M. insists on its philosophy of being united, making efforts and offering best experience, and its strategy that is to follow and prospectively forecast the trend of automobile engine market and technology, to focus on the expansion of mechanical electrical and hydraulic paired parts secondary core technology as well as to make further research and development, to make precision manufacturing stronger, preciser and deeper, and to extend into support market step by step from independent brand to joint venture brand, and gradually become an international famous brand. In the field of engine parts, Fulin P.M. is specialized in hydraulic lifter, mechanical lifter, hydraulic tensioner, rocker arm, nozzle, engine variable valve system (VVT, VVL), high pressure oil pump lifter and pump case for direct injection system, precision parts for automatic transmission and fuel injector and other products, with leading production capacity in national market and high market awareness. The products of Fulin P.M. have national leading core technologies, some having already reached international advanced level of same industry, which substitutes import and fills domestic blank. The products of Fulin P.M. and relevant technologies conform to policies in Current Priority High-Tech Industrialization Key Areas Guide (2011), China Internal Combustion Engine Industry 13th Five-Year Plan, Industrial Restructuring Guide Catalogue (2011, Revised in 2013) etc. Fulin P.M. has already become one of highly influential and well known automobile engine precise parts suppliers in China.



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