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    SICHUAN FULIN PROPERTY SERVICE CO., LTD. Merged by former Fulin property corporations and assets management companies in Chengdu and Mianyang, Sichuan Fulin Property Service Co., Ltd is now in charge of nearly 30 projects, with a total serving area of over 400 square meters. The company has the first class property service qualification approved by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, is a well-known property service enterprise specializing in several business including property service, commercial property management service and community management. Fulin Property Service is the executive member of China Property Management Association.

    In addition to property service and commercial property management service, Fulin Property Service is also a leading enterprise implementing differentiated service and management solution, adhering to its philosophy of foundation, quality and innovation. The company now is committed to exploring and promoting several projects such as living elderly life in community and community O2O, with a purpose to carry out “big property” extension service in different aspects and levels. The company focuses on future development plan, tries best to be a listed company as early as possible, and makes efforts to become a comprehensive property service operator with high brand awareness.

        联系电话:028-66342973   66342968  

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